25 March 2009


It's another ballerina! Today I painted a mini version of my larger Halloween ballerina painting. I'm not even sure if I have that large one still. They're all hanging upstairs...I'll have to check. Someone asked me recently if I paint Halloween themes, which was funny because that's all I painted at first. Slowly I moved away from Halloween to every day kinda cats. Anyway, that's why this ballerina is in Halloween colors-well perceived colors at least. I hand-sewed her tutu with numerous layers of orange and black tulle, then hand-stitched it onto the canvas. I like these ballerinas...so does my daughter. She has her own from her birthday. =)


Naija said...

so you got kids too.. how old is she?I was a ballerina when i was younger loved it..like ballerina stuff :)

Kilkennycat said...

Hi Naija, I have two, Anna is 5 and Tiarnan is 6.

I loved it too. I used to have a lot of tutu's. hehe