26 March 2009

Art supplies, a new painting, and...what?

This morning I was all set to work on a new painting when it came to my notice that I was seriously low on my titanium white paint. My life-line. Without this white, I can't paint. So I waited until 11 so I could visit my friends over at Muse Art and Design and pick up some supplies. Yay, supplies!
I guess by the time I got home I was thinking of lunch so this painting happened. Now, my kitties love me, I know they do, but never do they show SO much affection as they do when it's food time. (Well ok they show affection when it's bedtime and Puddy insists on sleeping under the covers, but still...) So in this painting, Teddy knows it's dinnertime and he's making sure he's affectionate. =P

In completely random news, the other night I was pretty tired and just wanted to lay in bed and watch a good movie. Seeing nothing on the t.v. (no repeats of even Zoolander to giggle at...) I went to On-demand. Nothing that I hadn't seen yet was new...except for Twilight. Hrm, vampires? I love a good horror movie, but I'd heard nothing much about this other than the book/movie have rabid fans-referring to my reading of the dvd sale. So yeah I wasn't so sure about it, pg-13 and all. I ordered it.

Now, I'm pretty meh when it comes to love stories, they usually make me cringe, but omg this was actually a good movie. I didn't pass out watching it, I didn't get up and make an excuse to come downstairs. No. I watched the whole thing and liked it. I was totally amazed. So after watching it twice (yeah, twice) I decided that I wasn't going to wait for the next movie, I was going to buy the books (always better than movies anyway) and find out what happens next! When I got home today, guess what was waiting outside my door? Yay, 4 beautiful books! I guess you know what I'll be reading for the next...oh maybe week. I can finish a normal book in a day but these 4 are beasts. lol

Well, that's all for now. Off to read Twilight and see what maybe I missed by watching the movie first. =P

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Naija said...

twillight have I seen..I expected more of that movie..it was good actors..you really got caught by their feelings..I saw it twice :0