14 September 2008

New Halloween Paintings!

It's been a busy time in my studio as of late. I'm so excited for Halloween coming up! I might break out the video camera to share our Halloween display Oct 1st. But for now, it's paintings. =D

I've put more dogs in my paintings these past couple days, than I have in the past year. That's quite a feat for me! I need some feedback though regarding what dogs people like, and would like to see celebrating Halloween.

This little westie dog is a devil for Halloween! He kept it simple with horns. =P

I plan on painting a few more westies in some sort of costume in the next week. They're just SO CUTE!!

Ok, off to tuck the kids in then continue working on some paintings.

1 comment:

T.Allen-Mercado said...

I love the dogs Ryan! You have been very busy. Everything looks fabulous. Add some chihuahuas and pugs-folks seem to like those funny looking guys!