13 September 2008

Gone to the dogs...

I received a request yesterday about doing my Halloween themed paintings on a dog instead of a cat. Much to my shock, I said yes! Mostly because the request came from the mother of two little ones that attend the same school as my little ones. How could I say no?

The dog was a dachshund and I figured, "Well that wouldn't be too difficult, would it?" I took a deep breath and just drew it out. Once I started painting, it actually started to resemble a dachshund. Well, actually the initial drawing didn't because the ears were under the 'white cloth' that makes the ghost costume. After reviewing it and asking my mom what she thought, we agreed the ears made the dog's face, and they would have to stick out. =D

After I finished her painting (the top picture), I was still awake after having taken a nap earlier in the day. What to do..................try another dachshund ghost painting! So I did, and I think this one is super cute too. (below)

So, you never know, I might broaden my *art* horizons, and add some more dogs to my different art series soon! =^..^= woof!

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