07 July 2008

Our Hawk is HUGE!

So I've posted before about the little hawks in our trees here, but it's been a while. Apparently...a long while. Mister Hawk made his presence known today by being more vocal than ever. We heard his mate, then saw her fly above the house into a different tree. When our eyes focused, Mister Hawk was on the telephone pole! (I tell you that telephone pole is seriously trying to get into every picture. See fireworks.)

I think he was eating a little bird, as there were a bunch of little white feathers falling from the top of the telephone pole. I'm just excited I got a couple of good shots! That required running down into the basement for the camera stick then back up for the camera, and outside. I would have taken more but some person in a VERY LOUD suv came barreling around the corner and scared him off.

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LazyTcrochet said...

Wow...great pictures. It is fascinating to watch. We have redtail hawks that nest near here, but not close enough for pictures!