03 June 2008

They Were Both A Little Shy...

8" x 10" Canvas/Mixed Media

My latest painting. I wasn't sure exactly where this painting was going to go until I painted their faces. It just seemed that the body language was a bit shy. Probably something from within coming out. I'm terribly shy unless I know you, then I'm the complete opposite. This stems from being cursed/blessed with serious blushing issues since I was a child. Very annoying as an adult.

So this painting definitely seemed to fit the title! I added some pretty paper, crinkled, then stitched some embroidery floss around it and attached a couple matching buttons. I think it's a very sweet painting. =D

Some details of the stitching and paper. Click for larger view.

It's a beautiful Portland day, started off by raining and now the sun is shining. My garden is terribly happy with this weather. If only it could stay like this. I'm getting worried that it's going to be a long, late Summer, perhaps stretching past the initial cold Winter that starts Halloween. I hope I'm wrong. I'd like my daughter's, mother's, and my birthday to all be nice and cool. Being that all our birthdays are in July and August...hey a girl can dream!

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