07 June 2008

Navy Ships & Portland's Rose Festival

When I woke up this morning, the last thing on my mind was the Rose Festival. Being that I'm from Southern California originally, I've been to my share of crowded places and seen enough parades. I remember the Los Angeles Street Scene, the sound of gunfire, and my mom holding on to me and my brother and her best friend, moving through the panicked crowd. Looking up at the extremely tall man next to us who said, "I'm scared". So needless to say, I'm not a fan of crowds. (more pics here.)

So this morning my mother said, "There's some really neat dragon boat races going on today on the river. Maybe we should take the kids?" I think she'd already prepared herself for me to say no, seeing as the Rose Festival parade was today, and it was a Saturday. Downtown or anywhere near it usually isn't an option unless it's really early in the morning. I thought about it, looked at the parade route, and figured we'd be able to hop on the Broadway bridge and park over in Chinatown to see the Navy ships. I'm always sentimental when it comes to anything Navy, as I am a Navy vet. Tomorrow the tall ships, Schooners, will be here I think. We'll have to go back for those pictures!

So off we went. We maneuvered around and found ourselves walking on the Steel bridge right in front of the Navy ship. My son was in total awe. So cute. =D We snapped some pictures, then decided to go to the Saturday Market. Once we got there, we realised the parade was happening right above us on Burnside bridge! So we went up the steps and sure enough, there was the parade passing. So we stood there for a while, luckily my son got to see the Pirates of the Caribbean float and a bunch of salty pirates walking around. Fun times!

After we'd had enough of the parade, we made it back down to the Saturday Market and noticed a couple Etsy sellers. One of my favorite local photographers even- Mesman Images. Their photos are just amazing! So that was fun. There's so many neat things over on the handmade section of the market. My mother bought herself 3 pairs of handmade earrings, my daughter got a lovely silver bracelet, and my son got a ring. My only complaint, or question is: If you're an artist, and you're trying to sell your stuff (I assume you are since you're there in a spot) why no smiles? If I sold my stuff in public, I'd be all smiles! Hell, I smile when I write my emails to customers. =P Just seems strange to me not to smile.

My mom then decided she was going to bite the bullet and buy the new 24 in Mac computer. Then we got home and I set up here new computer and voila. I'm spent. It's a pretty darn neat computer. It's HUGE! Makes my 20" wide screen look tiny! Now I'm off to Muchas Gracias to pick up some delicious dinner. No cooking tonight.


BeadedTail said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures of the Rose Festival. I hope to someday make it up to Portland and see it myself but until, I'll peruse your photos!

moonmystic said...

Great photos!

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Looks like a great deal of fun. I get you on the crowds I'm from NYC so my lackof patience coupled with the blistering AZ heat and *people*...dare I say more! Not a good mix! On the sellers, much of why I do not sell IRL is because I am painfully introverted and it comes across as...well, "un-smiley"-but I totally smile as I type and all of my wholesale telesales talks are full of zest and zeal. Perhaps they need to just go back home :D