28 June 2008

Giant Himalayan Lily

And then there were blooms! Hooray! With the recent heat and sunshine, Mr. Himalayan Lily plant decided to bloom! We've waited two months to see what this plant would do, and now we see it. I think it was totally worth the wait. Only a few blooms have opened thus far, but with the heat today, I'm guessing the others will possibly be open by tonight, or tomorrow morning.

Naturally I had to get up close and personal with a flower. To really *see* the inside.

Oh and I haven't been ignoring my blogger, just had another bout with my yearly bronchitis, but I'm getting much better. Things should be back to normal soon. =)

1 comment:

Octavine Illustration said...

your beautiful flower makes me proud to call myself a portlander. just gorgeous.