12 May 2008

Where does the magic happen?

Walking down the hall to my studio...(or crawling)

No, not that magic! The magic of creation...umm...not that creation....

Do you have a studio where you create your art bits or does a random chair/couch/dinner table suffice? I want to know! Why? Because I'm nosey, that's why. I shouldn't admit to this, but one of my favorite things about a new featured seller on Etsy is seeing their main image photo, usually it's one of their workspace. I just love to see how neat or different or simple the workspaces are. Also just maybe see something that I might need, like some sort of storage solution. It seems I'm always in need of a new shelf or box.

So after I put away my paints today (early since I finished a painting this morning) I decided to take photos of my studio space. I have an extra space in the room next to the studio, but that's holding children's toys at the moment and really shouldn't be photographed. >.>

Oh and just for the record, I haven't seriously hung any artwork in my room. It's basically been a point and insert push-pin, random placement so far. I'm waiting to find my hammer and nails to put up all my creepy masks. =D

The picture cutting/laminating/music/stuff area

My sewing machine is over in that corner. Hasn't seen too much use for a while.

Where the *magic* happens. I mean...where I paint. I sit behind the big black desk and paint away! I love it. Perfect vantage point so my son can't sneak in and scare me!

Sorted supplies and bits and whatnot.

My computer desk where other stuff happens.

That's it! That's my happy little studio. =)


Joy De Vivre Design said...

Thanks for the post on my blog! I love your artwork!

Natasha said...

What a neat studio. I am particularly jealous because at the moment I am studioless and setting up in our guestbedroom.

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Funny you should ask...well I started at the far end of the dining room table which is also a classroom for two. I slowly made my way to the coffee table (in conjunction) and I have now officially begun setting up shop in the corner of my bedroom which was supposed to be reserved as a coffee/tea/together time nook for favorite guy and i...pics coming soon :D

Your space is quite lovely, your art and decor have a similar aesthetic.

Kilkennycat said...

Hi Natasha and joy! Thank you for your comments. =D

Hi Tameka!! Oh I can't wait for pictures. =D