24 May 2008

Volkswagen Mini Pillows!

Thanks to Peter over at Muse Art, I've got a new obsession! He introduced me to Golden's new Digital Grounds. So naturally I rushed home after buying a bottle and tried it out. I *love* it!!

Naturally the first thing I had to work on was something from my VW's. So I fired up Photoshop and started to alter the saturation of my plain VW bug. I got a lot of nice, vibrant, fun colors! Then, it was all about priming my surface I wanted to print on: muslin.

After applying a couple coats, waiting in between each for it to dry, I hung up my bits of muslin to dry.

Once the coats were dry, I taped down the muslin to a nice bit of paper, 80#, sturdy enough for the muslin going through the printer.

Voila! Fresh from the printer! It printed so nicely on the muslin. I cheered. =D

Now it was time to trim the muslin up, sort through my children's clothes-unfit for donation, and then cut that to fit the backs of the pillows. So many fun colors to go on the back of the pillows! Then it was off to my Viking to sew sew sew!

After some stuffing and hand sewing them closed, this is the finished product! Well, not shown is the two coats of UVLS varnish applied to the front image. =D

I had so much fun making these. Soon I will make some with my other paintings and VW's with cats in them, not just the one bus shown.


altjoujou said...

HOW COOL! Your artwork and the Golden product, too!
Love your VWs. I'm definitely going to check into the Digital Grounds although my HP printer inks probably aren't good enough.
But thanks for sharing!

~alisa R.

Kilkennycat said...

They actually are! I use an HP printer with Vivera inks and they come out amazing!

T.Allen-Mercado said...

I love them, and I bet you had a blast!

Kilkennycat said...

Hi Tameka! Oh I did and I'm getting ready to print some more of my paintings, not just Vdubs. lol It's an addiction I tell ya. =D

Paper Girl Productions said...

aww...I love the one with cats!! Super cute! Looks like it was a fun process!

btw, it may be strapless dresses for the bridesmaids dresses...acck!!

Kilkennycat said...

Eep strapless! I've never worn anything strapless...I don't have enough confidence in the girls, if you know what I mean *wink wink*. lol =D

Rascallion said...

These are rad!!! Me wantee! Reminds me of my old '74 VW, all pimped out with massive speakers, big wheels and a tri-colour blue paint job....Sniff, I loved that car. (OK, it was the eightees!)