15 May 2008

Ladies & Their Cats

Siobhan and Tabitha 4" x 6"

Yep, that's my newest theme! Old-fashioned sorta ladies that is...sorta... With little hints of finery-Swarovski crystal accents! I recently looked into one of my drawers and found all the lovely Swarovski crystals I used to use in my paintings and on my clay goodies. I figured it was time to utilize them again. =D

Ann's Black Cats 4" x 6"

Oh and I revisted a past painting, when I was going to make a print for myself, the black I'd previously use was just too shiny. My scanner highlighted the black waaaaay too much. Easy solution? Paint another! The original painting was reverse of this one. =)

Kitchen Table 4" x 6"

Now I think it's time to try to get my daughter to lay down with me while we "veg" and wait for the first, First Thursday here in the Hollywood neighborhood. =D

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