01 May 2008

Eoife - Unfinished and WII

As mentioned in my previous blog post, I have a lot of unfinished dolls. Eoife is one of those dolls. So I took her out of her box and decided perhaps today will be her day! Not much left to do on her other than finish her face and "dirty" her up with the cinnamon concoction.

I haven't decided if I like the old crocheted doily on her as an apron, will see when I'm finishing her up it if will stay. I have a ton of old lace bits and crocheted doilies, I just need to find a use for them!

Oh and today my mom and I went out to get her printer ink and well...somehow ended up buying WII Mario Kart and an extra steering wheel controller. >.>

I figured it would be fun for my children on the weekends...*cough* not that *I* would play anything like that. <.< hehe

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