11 May 2008


So after hearing in the news the past couple days about coyotes near Crestline, CA (hello...maybe you shouldn't build more out there?) guess what I saw? A COYOTE! Here, in the Hollywood/Wilshire district of Portland. PORTLAND. I'm not talking out in the West Hills, I'm talking right smack below Alameda Ridge. I stepped outside to my porch and omg...a coyote on the sidewalk, starring at me.

The poor thing ran over to the neighbor's house across the street, up their steps, across their yard...then back down to the sidewalk and ran a bit down it. He came back...then ran away again. There's so many joggers and whatnot out at this time of night. Eep!

He was such a beautiful coyote too. So sad. I can't imagine where he came from, this place is a very long established neighborhood. So out of place for a coyote.

I thought it was weird seeing raccoons and the hawks that live in the nest in the tree across the street, but coyotes? Strange.

*Oh, and it figures I didn't have my camera on me!


CURU said...

I live on 20 acres in NJ and my town went from being mostly woods to being mostly McMansions in the last 15 years or so.

For the first time in my life, we've had coyotes, a whole pack of them, in our woods sometimes at night all howling together. It's beautiful.

I feel for all these animals being pushed aside.

Kilkennycat said...

Argh McMansions, so sad. =( It just amazes me that people are so *shocked* when they build and build in an area that didn't have homes on it before, then the coyotes start nibbling on their pets and children.

God forbid a child be harmed, then teams go out and hunt down the coyotes. People need to think about the repercussions. Where are the coyotes and other animals going to go for their food that once inhabited that land? =(

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Poor animals, yes? I often remark to the favorite guy when I see road kill...we're just putting the "squeeze" on our poor animal friends with all of this building. Sad times...