27 May 2008

Bag o'Pillows

And then some... I have 9 more prepped bits of muslin to print my VW's with cats on to make more pillows.

Whee...but the day...where did the day go?? The only store I went to was Wild Oats (no I won't call it whole foods...I'm still bitter they bought out my Wild Oats) and got a few things, then it was home. I swear I did something today. What was it? No clue, to be honest. This day flew past faster than any other day in recent memory. I feel tired, I actually attempted to take an hour nap. Wasn't too successful with the kids building forts in the rooms upstairs. *screams* "Momma! Tiarnan isn't nice! He's destroying my fort! He's not very nice at all!" Fun times!

Amazingly, in my day that flew by and being oh so tired, I managed to finish 1 painting and am still working on another with 3 Westie dogs. I'm almost done with that one. I always find myself taking many deep breaths while painting a rare dog painting. I have little confidence in painting dogs. I don't know why that is. I think I need to get over it and attempt to paint more dogs. Lord knows there's a plethora of them walking around with their owners.

I almost forgot! The 4th of July painting I finished. It has over 100 Swarovski crystals as the fireworks. This is part of my 5 year series of cats on a hill...and part of my fireworks series...with cats on a hill and either paint or crystals as fireworks. I've noticed a few copies of this painting which is a bit bothersome, but after 5 years, eh, you get used to it.

Ok, enough blogging, I need to finish this painting and start printing the rest of these pillows to sew, stuff, and finish, then list on the morrow!

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