29 April 2008

Tiarnan's Art

My children, like most children, just love to draw. It's even more special when they get to paint. Tiarnan, who is 8, got his first acrylic paints the other day when we went to the art store (Muse Art). Three liquitex sample colors as a free gift. He was elated!

We came home and he just *had* to paint. So I let him borrow some of my colors and some old brushes and voila! (Also a reference ACEO VW bug drawing of mine, since that's what he wanted to paint!)

After he was done, he immediately asked if I could list it on Etsy. lol! I went so far as to making both him and Anna an Etsy shop for their art, but have yet to list anything. Hey, I'm the mother, I get first dibs on their artwork. =)

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