30 April 2008

Sister Clementine, Art Doll

My main focus for today was to make an art doll and actually finish it! I've started so many and just stopped and moved on to something else. Today I was adamant. Sr. Clementine would be completed, from start to finish, today.

Sister Clementine is actually the smaller nun from my 3 nuns and cats painting, holding her orange tabby cat. Except her kitty has his stripes as he should. I'm not sure why I didn't stripe him in the painting. oops! =D

She's not technically a "doll", more like a decorative pillow/conversation piece. She's entirely handmade and hand-painted. I think there will definitely be more nun art dolls on the way! All unique, with their different cats. =)

1 comment:

Christina Silverio said...

This is wonderful! I've had you hearted on Etsy for quite a while; your art is incredible!
All the best!