04 April 2008

Family History

It's just the neatest thing to find out more and more about your family lines. One of my second cousins (I believe he's a second cousin...the grandson of my grandfather's eldest sister's child...) happened upon a website that documented letters to their family. A few of the letters was from a family friend named, Lizzie Walsh. Well my cousin noticed the location where Lizzie was living and soon realised it was our relative.

He contacted the owner of the website and requested copies of the letters from Lizzie to her friend who had returned to England. So all this morning I've been reading letters from 1893-1899 from Lizzie to her friend. It's so weird to think about! Reading letters from an ancestor, over 100 years after she wrote them to a friend. In the letters she keeps saying she going to have her photo taken, but she hadn't yet. I'm hoping we get to see pictures soon, if any were finally taken of her.

My cousin also sent a picture of Lizzie's parent's house while they were waiting for their Sod house to be built. How very awesome!

I love to see old picture of our actual relatives' lives. It's just so interesting to take a peek into their lives back then.

I have a gem of a picture, a rare picture from my - mother's mom's family, which we don't know much about at all. It's apparently all the Anthes women and children at the time, in their little home, together for a picture.

That's it for now! I better go prep some stools for painting! ; )

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