19 April 2008

At One With The Earth

After waiting a while, I finally decided it was time to plant the red potato seeds I bought. If harvesting is in mid-Summer, I might be a bit late. I'm not one of those people who has a green thumb. Sure my ancestors were farmers, but me? Missed that gene. I mean I can plant petunias and not kill them, so it's a start. Pumpkins on the other hand. Pumpkins are my nemesis. My mother has tried, unsuccessfully for quite some time to plant pumpkins. We've tried together for the past three years with NO luck.

Last year we got pretty close with the pumpkins. Oh they grew, all green and leafy, vines from hell actually. Tons of vines. Then the blight came. We're not sure if it was over-watering or just bad luck. Blight took over none-the-less. We tried anecdotes which failed. Needless to say, no pumpkins.

BUT WE WILL TRY AGAIN! You betcha! Soon we'll be planting (May-June) pumpkins again, and crossing our fingers it works this time. Right? It's got to work eventually...

Anyway, after planting the red potato seeds, I sketched out a little something, then painted it. Not that I'm one with the earth by any stretch of the imagination, mind you. But *she* is.

6" x 9" Studio Wrapped Canvas- Acrylic Painting

Now I'm off to clean up down here!

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