18 March 2008

Now I've Gone and Done It...

I packed up the art stuffs! Palettes, brushes, canvases, they're all in boxes now. It's official. No more new paintings until I've moved and gotten my studio all sussed out in the new house. /sniff

I don't think I've seen my art table so clean and the shelves so empty. It just seems so...wrong.

I'm not taking down that painting or the records until the very end. It's bad enough I've taken down all my draperies and rehung the blinds. I have a hatred of blinds. Anything plastic hanging in/on the window actually. I need thick, lined, colorful drapes.

This is something I've been concerned about with the new studio too. It's in the basement...in a room with no windows. I think I'll have to go to the rebuilding center and pick up a pair of old windows to hang!

Looks all dark and spooky! I'll take new photos tomorrow, preferably with the light ON in the new studio. /facepalm

Ok, off to...pack something else. Not sure what else there is left to pack that can actually go in a box though. Did I mention the movers aren't going to be here til Monday? I've just been taking boxes over every day to lessen their load I guess. Make things easier for...hrm...

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