13 March 2008

New Art Studio Incoming!

I can't wait to pack up the painting table and everything so I can set up my new studio! I took pictures (bad ones, but pictures none-the-less) of the basement in the new house. It's absolutely SUPER! I love it. Very much...

My daughter made it a point to be in every picture (except I beat her to it on the second picture ...though her head is in it doh!) I told you the photos were bad, but the picture directly below is the new studio. That black wall is brick and concrete. It's very neat. I'm totally digging the tiles on the floor as well. Those cover the whole basement! That's not linoleum folks, those are real tiles!

This room is probably going to be the wii room/movie/game night room. Slap the red couch and movie tv in there and good times will be had.

When we're all settled and everything is sussed out, I'll take more photos!

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