19 March 2008

Merlin Cat. and a bit of Puddy

Merlin is an extremely inquisitive cat. More-so than any other cat I've known. So not too long ago when I was taking pictures of something else, Merlin jumped up on the table to see what exactly was going on...

so he got his close-up picture taken. He didn't even wince. Puddy normal freaks out or closes his eyes for pictures, but not Mr. Merlin. Such a cute face!

So puddy, I've tried getting his close-up photo, but failed each time. I got him thumbs though! (Both Puddy and Merlin are Polydactyl kitties.)

Now I think I'll start packing clothes. I had an idea for a new painting but ended up writing it down since all the art stuff is at the new house.

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Vogue Vintage Knits said...

I love your cat photos and your cat art work!