12 March 2008

Is it Spring yet?

All the lovely trees in Portland are starting to bloom! Everything is so fresh and lovely. My camelia bush out front is in full bloom after waiting all Winter. The heavier blooms that have fallen onto the grass below create such a beautiful blanket of pink on the green grass. I love Spring!

So it's only apropos that I paint my first Spring painting of the year. It's a different take on my, "Celebration of the Seasons", series. I thought I'd try a different type of tree and leaves/flowers. I'm certain this won't replace the tradition cats dancing around the tree, but it was still fun to paint!

That's it from me today! I'm going to go get the keys for our new house. I'm sad to leave this current old house (1902), but the new one (new as in 1920's) is pretty darn neat! The whole basement has black and white tiles! All three rooms down there. I spy a new art studio!

Check back for more new paintings! It's time for more saints, angels, and nuns. =)

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