21 March 2008

Idle Hands...

So I'm sitting here, with nothing to do. This is after the bunk bed defeated me yet again. Bunk bed-2 me-0. (anyone have a sledgehammer? I kid, I kid...)

Then I started looking in the little drawer thingy, where I stash random crafty things, and found this:

Woot! Something to do right? Then I scrambled to find a pen, hoping I hadn't packed them all, or that the kids hadn't ninja'd the one I'd set on my desk. Whee! It was there. So I eeked out a little something, just a simple something, as I'm not the world's best sketch artist.

Lacking any paint or colored pencils, I decided to scan my little flower kitty into Photoshop and give it a wash of color!

Naturally my wacom tablet is also boxed up at the new house, so I had to rely on my horrid mouse skills.

I think flower kitty came out cute!

I also found an old ACEO drawing I did and apparently forgot about. It's rare for me to ever use the prismacolor pencils I bought 4 years ago. I can't remember when I drew this, but I thought it was fun.

Now, the cutest little find in the sketchbook was something that I guess my son, Tiarnan, drew when he got a hold of it. (Happens quite frequently which is why I *lose* my books.) He was drawing his own VW with cats driving! Awww <3

It was fun going through the sketchbook, though this particular one didn't have very much in it at all. I was surprised to see so many blank pages. That means my daughter hasn't "found" it yet. haha!

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Precious Memories. Always Remember. said...

Thanks for the comment! Yes... I can't wait to recieve my gocco! Hopefully I can create some great items!!

Your cat drawing turned out adorable!! I never knew photoshop could do that! I have photoshop but I hardley know how to use it. I would love to learn to do that with my drawings!