23 March 2008

Good Bye, Old House

Tonight is the last night that we'll sleep in this old house, and it's a bit sad to think about it. My art table is apart, and my bed will be tomorrow morning, same as my computer desk. My son's bunk bed, well that's either coming down via the movers, or via sledge hammer. Either way, it's coming apart tomorrow.

Good bye to the little baby that would cry and call out, "momma", every now and then. I'm sure if the new buyers start to alter this house, it'll cry more. There's apparently a little baby or child that 'lives' in this house that cries and calls out on rare occasions. It scared off the current owners who were going to turn this back into a single house. Something about bleach turning blood red while the wife was cleaning the bathtub up here. I never experienced that in the house, but I did hear the baby crying and heard it call out for it's mom. This is while my daughter was downstairs and my son was fast asleep. While creepy at the time, still very sad.

Oh well, we'll make new memories at the new house. As awesome as that house is, I still love this house. It was perfect for us.


industrialpoppy said...

Ah yes-parting really is such sweet sorrow. Whenever I have moved I always had the feeling that parts of me were left behind, adding another layer of "paint" to the house's walls. In a good way though, and always with the excitement of a new place to learn about. Your artwork is magnificent-truly great, and I love love your banner!

Torann said...

Best of luck with your new home :)