16 March 2008

Fun Time at Kell's Irish Pub!

Ahh another visit to Kell's for St. Patrick's day. This is our 4th year going-it's always so much fun! Unfortunately we spaced on bringing the camera this year. Oops!

Anna had the most fun it seems. Once she discovered the dance floor, there was no getting her off it. Naturally I kicked myself even harder for forgetting the camera. She made friends to dance with and curtsied every time a song from the live band ended. As though everyone was clapping for her. lol!

I think I'll definitely look into getting her into Irish step-dancing. Though so far the only school that had a flyer out is in Vancouver, WA and Lake Oswego, OR. There's just no way I'd jump on a freeway during rush hour times for dance class. Noooooo way! Poor Portland is becoming too packed with everyone rushing here from out of state, (California) and bringing their horrible driving with them. (It's true, don't deny it! Ilu <3 regardless =")!)" Portland Irish Famine Memorial (An Gorta Mor), shipped in from Donegal. The carving is absolutely amazing, and truly a beautiful momument to those of us who lost family during the famine.

Here is a link to the monument: http://www.kellsirish.com/images/OregonianArticle-lg.jpg

Ok, time to make some coffee and get my paint brushes a'brushin!

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