20 March 2008


I feel my current feelings are best described by a photo... lol (the rain + my hair + moving boxes all morning = frizzzzzz)

No, but seriousy, I feel frazzled. I know this house is up for sale and that was sad enough, but seeing the, "For Sale", sign impaling the beautiful grass we so lovingly grew (after our gardener's weed killer killed it all) felt like a smack in the face.

We actually decided we'd stay in this house, with all it's quirks, with the old fuses upstairs that if blown you could stick a copper penny in there and keep going until you got new fuses. This was a grand old house.

Don't get me wrong, I'm totally excited to move to the new house, but I *really* liked this one. Yes I really like the new one too, but I wasn't planning on moving from this one any time soon. Oh well, what are you going to do? I refuse to buy a house, the thought of such massive debt just doesn't sound appealing, plus you get to live in beautiful old houses and try to figure out how they once were before someone did the dreaded remodeling. But I digress...

The owner wants to kick things in motion and have a slew of people coming in and out to look at the house. We're moving on Monday, Sunday is our last night here and he wanted people to come look then. So sorry, not going to happen. There's a couple "realtors" coming to see it tomorrow right at my prime box moving time. Very frustrating when you're trying to move boxes and non-boxable items to the new place within a certain time frame, i.e. when my son is in school. Oh well, I guess it's just 1 more day that we'll have to show the house while we're still in it. That's a good thing.

I just can't wait to get all unpacked at the new house and get back to painting! Soon...very soon! I need to paint my Celebration of Spring painting! It's spring! Wheeee!

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ThisOldHenHouse said...

moving sucks! Goodluck :-)

Lovely blog you have!