21 March 2008

Broken Rocks

It was a very sad day when my favorite turquoise bracelet dropped on the hard tiled bathroom floor. I think I winced as if in pain when I heard the clank. I picked up my lovely bracelet and gasped. The stone was cracked! I'm not talking about a little crack, it was CRACKED!

I still continued to wear it, but didn't show it off as I normally would. It started to hide under my sleeve. My mom felt sad as well, she's the one that bought it for me. She's a huge antique "old pawn" Native American turquoise bracelet fan. (She originally bought this for herself, then decided she didn't like the matrix...I never wear N.A. jewelry, but thought this was pretty nifty!).

So what did she do? She searched and searched until she found one with a stone she absolutely loved, and gave it to me. =)

The stone is beautiful! I love brown and turquoise together, so this bracelet was perfect!

One day I'll probably take my old bracelet to a jeweler and see if there's anything they can do to at least squeeze the stone back together. I know nothing about jewelry making/adjusting/et al., but I know someone must be able to do something to *fix* the stone. Here's to hoping!

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