04 February 2008

Superbowl & Cat Art...

I had the purrfect seat in the house, literally. The kids sat on the couch chomping on chips and dip, while I sat at my art desk working on new cat paintings. With my own plate of chips and dip and a tasty Henry Wienhard Orange Cream soda, what else could I ask for?

So I managed to finish two paintings for Etsy. Yes, I opened up another shop at Etsy! Ebay is going to be doing horribly vicious things to their sellers soon so I thought I'd better set up shop elsewhere before things get really nasty. (Did you hear sellers would lose their right to leave feedback AND paypal will hold their money for up to 20 days or until feedback is left for them? Yowch!)

I hope you enjoy my latest paintings, getting back into the VW series. I've noticed a few other artists have started with the cats in VW's...funny stuff. You want the originals? Look me up. =)

(The above painting is actually the THIRD of a similar painting I've done recently. My mother loved it so much she wanted one for her husband's birthday. One is on Ebay, the other is in my Etsy store. http://kilkennycat.etsy.com ) =D

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