07 May 2007

Painted Bowls

I absolutely love painting in bowls. I love the surface, crackled, rough, et al. It's just nice. Apparently though I've become accustomed to painting my angel cats on the bowls, and nothing else. So I'm going to have to think about something else to paint in the bowls. (It's the whole series thing...can't get away from it!)

This is, I believe, my second orange tabby angel cat in a bowl. I love orange tabby cats, which is why you'll see me painting them...a lot. I finally got comfortable with the orange paint, well maybe a year or so ago I did, so yeah. I paint them.

Then there's the black cat, my other favorite cat to paint. I think this is also my second black cat in a bowl. =)

The thing I love about these bowls, is that they don't have to be just painted bowls. Attach some sort of hanger to the back and put them on the wall. Happy day. Adds a bit of dimension to an otherwise flat wall.

1 comment:

loralai said...

Love your Cat bowls. I'd like to try this out maybe in the Spring. Your Art is fun and Lovely!