07 May 2007

The Cat Lady

I'm trying to change things up, slightly. I can't help that 99% of my paintings are cute. They have this 'cuteness' to them. It doesn't matter if I try an edgy idea, it ends up being ... you guessed it, cute.

While originally the cat lady was going to look like a wreck and have a cigarette hanging out of her mouth (no reason, just because), I decided against her being terribly 'rough' and settled for some ripped wallpaper. I left her alone. I tried to rat out her beehive more than a normal beehive is ratted, but it still looks perfectly coiffed. =\ Her glasses should have been more crooked, but my hand wouldn't let me do it.

All in all I like it, it's another 'cute', slightly funny painting. I am satisfied with her almost Lucy'ish lips and the nose. I have the hardest time with noses.

I think this cat lady is the beginning of another series. Perhaps they'll get grittier down the line.

Here's to hoping!

1 comment:

loralai said...

I'm a Cat Lady too. Love this.