09 March 2007

Moving Nightmare...

Oh the things you wouldn't believe have happened! I'm almost still numb because it seems so surreal.

We found a house, a new house, in an old neighborhood and basically talked ourselves into renting it. It was huge with 6 bedrooms, full 3 stories-the works. The owner was nice as anything (tip, when they're too nice, know there's trouble-a-brewin') and it was perfect. We'd slowly move in, allowing ourselves to wait out the rain and wait for a sunny day.

We purchased a brand new side-by-side refridgerator, purchased a few more 10x13 persian rugs, gosh we bought maybe 40 panels of drapes from pier one (they weren't putting window coverings on the windows) and countless other items for this house.

It started out with the first day after giving the owner his move-in check (early so he could pay his mortgage) he didn't give us the keys. We proceeded to play phone tag the rest of the afternoon and after his wife 'unlocked' the door through the garage and it still being locked when we arrived, we gave up until the next day.

We finally got the keys and just as we thought we'd be able to put all the draperies up, we found the owner parked outside the house. Odd, but...ok. He was waiting for the city to verify the trees planted outside were o.k. so they could sign off on the house. "Oh?" Which basically translated into, "Could you please not be here because I don't want him to know the house is rented already." "Ahh...sure ok."

We're too nice.

To make a long story short, the owner went into the house each and every day-sometimes knocking to see if we're there, then proceeding in with his key regardless, and other times sitting outside (we basically entered the house a total of 4 days).

The best part is when he called us up the day we're planning on moving little items to the house and tells us the basement is flooded. "What?! What do you mean?!" My mother's husband was in town so he went over, wasn't allowed to see the basement, yadda yadda yadda. We weren't moving in.

When we went in to remove all our drapes and rugs, the house was HUMID, HOT and HUMID. The heater was on at 75 degrees, on our electricity bill mind you, and the basement was indeed flooded. "Why?" Possible natural spring was one idea we were told. Well it's a good thing we didn't move it!

OK! I'm ending it now, I ramble, I know. But I want you to know I'm leaving stuff out to make it short.

The landlord ends up taking $1900 from our original deposit (the house was $2500 a month, plus deposit, you add it up) and says, "Technically I could charge you the full month's rent, 30 days notice and all that." OH MY GOD! Technically we could sue him for a full month's rent because he entered the house 3 times without 24 hour's notice-written and/or verbal. But no, we're nice. Heh.

One word: karma.

His brand new house (which really, in all honesty was never as good as a beautiful old, well-crafted victorian or craftsman home) is flooded, damaged, heck one of the windows was installed totally crooked! So much for quality work these days, eh? Where was I? Oh yes, his brand new home is destroyed because apparently it was an uncapped pipe in the wall (who knows really) which caused the repeated flooding. No one used the water in the house, unless he did, so why that would happen is beyond me.

Karma. He's already getting his.

I just want to move so I can unpack my paints and get back to normalcy! My life is all boxed up!

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