29 March 2007

Finally Moved!

Yay! Oh I can't believe we finally moved! We found a really neat old Pdx 1911 home in Sellwood. It's a duplex which makes it even cooler. My mom has the bottom floor and the kids and I are upstairs. Photos to come soon!

The coolest thing about this place is the story...

We were having the downstairs refrigerator removed and a window upstairs closed (original windows!) when the handyman asked my mother if she'd heard anything strange or if anything had happened. My mother, curious about his question asked, "No, why?".

He proceeded to tell my mom why the owners left after only two months. See we were told that they wanted to convert it back to a single home but with two small children, it was just too much work. Apparently that wasn't the case.

According to the handyman, the wife would hear a baby crying upstairs, but it wasn't her baby. Then one day she was pouring a clear cleaning liquid into the bathtub up here and it turned blood red. I guess that was the last straw. They moved out.

Just as the handyman was finishing telling my mother this, the owner walked in and confirmed the stories. My mother, a non-believer due to the fact she's angry at never seeing/hearing a ghost, was elated! She couldn't wait to tell me.

Well this is day 3 at the new house and so far *knock on wood* I haven't felt anything odd. The cats are going nuts up here, but who knows, it's a new house to them.

Anyway, I hope to clear out my new studio room, which is currently the "everything-that-comes-inside-and-not-to-the-basement-or-garage" storage room. lol! So this week I'm getting that room unpacked and everything sussed out. I can't wait to start painting again!!

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